Business is booming: Short Term Rental Apartments in Dubai for business travelers

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Airbnb began in San Francisco – with a group of young friends who could ill-afford the cost of the average San Fran loft apartment. Their idea to rent by the night grew legs, and today this once humble business is raking in $93 million in profit, as of 2017.

What started as an idea amongst hipsters from The Golden City, is today a platform for business people jetting in and out of Dubai – a thriving hub for commerce and trade. And if the UK is anything to go by (where Airbnb business spending increased by 61% between 2014 and 2016), it could be that this platform overtakes Dubai hotels for the travelling executive’s dollar. Here we take a look at why Airbnb presents a unique proposition for the average business traveler.


Airbnb – Providing the comforts of home that hotels can’t

Good Airbnb hosts create a clean, ready to sleep environment. Great Airbnb hosts think of the finer details, to provide the creature comforts of home that Dubai hotels don’t. Such as a meet and greet, bespoke guest packs, and being on call and ready with answers to their guests’ questions.

This isn’t any-old Short-Term Rental Apartment in Dubai.

This is ‘BUSINESS TRAVEL READY’ Short Term Rentals in Dubai.

Airbnb is nothing if not reactive to the marketplace. In response to their growing business traveller segment, they’ve created a ‘gold standard’ for Airbnb business travellers. Known as ‘Business Travel Ready’, this listing category features properties with everything the average flying exec could want or need.

To be placed into this category, hosts must provide:

  • 24-hour self-check-in
  • Specific amenities (such as a hair dryer and iron),
  • Wifi
  • Excellent guest reviews
  • Building safety features


Want to charge it to your corporate account? No problem

Airbnb have now switched up their booking system in order to allow bookings to made by corporate account. There’s also an Airbnb for Work dashboard. All in all, their efforts to delight business customers, have led to more than 250,000 companies registering on the site, in just two short years.

Large Short-Term Rental Apartments in Dubai were MADE for Group Business Travellers

Groups of business people travelling together can discover many benefits of the large self-let apartment that hotels find it impossible to compete with. Offering private spaces for working, meeting, entertaining or relaxing, the unique amenities and atmosphere of the business-ready Airbnb, should have Dubai hotels concerned about their bookings over the coming years.


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